Rid your frustration and play with confidence!

Identify your natural movement patterns, scoring mindset and the playing skills and strategy you need to lower your score!

Achieve your golfing goals and dreams!

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Hit it farther, straighter and more consistently by understanding your stance width, power angle, best grip and dominant power source.

Are you tying to achieve a golf goal?

Are you trying to break through a scoring barier?

Do you desire to strike the ball farther, straigther, more consistently... and with confidence?

I want to be your golf coach.

I've coached golfers of all ages and ability levels to achieve their goals and I know I can help you achieve your goals to!

My proven process includes four steps:

  1. Identify your natural movement patterns
  2. Develop a scoring mindset and master variability
  3. On-Course Strategy
  4. Purposeful Practice

On-Course Coaching

Let's start with goals

Your goals are something that help you define what you want to achieve that week, day or even that hour.


Benchmark your current skills

Identify your strengths and weaknesses through a skills assessment and know where and how you need to invest your time to improve.

What are your options?

90-Minute Discovery Session ($150)

90-minute indoor playing lesson

Private Coaching

Every Monday, we start by cycling at the best pace possible until you feel exhausted. This allows your body to refuel the missing stamina it needs.

Small Group Coaching

Every Wednesday, we take your endurance to another level by kicking butt in mauy thai style kick boxing. Don't expect to go home smiling.

Mastery Programs

Invest two hours on your putting, wedges, driver or scoring mindset with the Mastery Programs. Click here to learn more!

What Golfers Are Saying
"Golf is fun again... I took a ten week program from Brad and have the confidence to play with my family and friends! He makes it fun...

- Jennifer

"Brad's on-course playing lessons are so much fun and nothing I've ever seen or heard before. He really makes the game fun and easy to learn!"

- Rick

"I hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently after a 90-minute Disocvery Session."

John, Brandon, Nicole, Gavin, Blake, Brian, Melissa...

you could be next!


Private Coaching $100/hr

Your choice of full swing, short game, putting, bunkers or combination.

On-Course Coaching


Includes warm up and ball before round, green fee and customized improvement plan.

90-Minute Small Group Coaching


Sessions move from putting, to wedging and full swing.

Small Group Training Times

Mondays 8:30-10pm

Tuesdays 8:30-10pm

Saturdays 1-2:30pm

Private Lesson Times

Monday-Friday 9-3pm, Saturday 6-8am

Brad Pluth's Golf Achievement 952/401-4653 PluthB@PGA.com